Bratislavské filmové noty (Bratislava Film Notes) is a festival that connects film professionals with the world of composers. The festival brings to our capital several film music composers, who created music for golden film classics along with composers who worked on contemporary films. The greatest star of the festival is Eugen Doga, Moldavian composer and author of the score for the worldwide known film “Queen of the Gypsies” (Gypsies Are Found Near Heaven) who also created the music for opening and closing ceremonies of 1980 Moscow Olympics. His waltz for film “Moj laskovij i nežnyj zvjer” (The Shooting party / A Hunting Accident) is said to be the most beautiful waltz of the 20th century. Eugen Doga is considered to be “Morricone of the East”.    


Another composer who promised attendance is Ondřej Soukup - Czech musician, bass guitar player and a composer. “Kolja” (Kolya) is an Oscar-winning film that belongs among movies bearing his signature. In 2001, he was awarded the Czech Lion award for music created for film “Tmavomodrý svět” (Dark Blue World) directed by Jan Svěrák. He had also written the music for another of Svěrák’s films called “Vratné láhve” (Empties, 2007).  


Other interesting parts of the programme are pieces by a well-known Slovak composer Svetozár Starčina. His music for films like “Pacho, hybský zbojník” (Pacho, the Thief of Hybe), “Plavčík a Vratko” (The Tree Golden Hair of Grandfather Know-All), “Popolvár najväčší na svete” (Popolvár, Biggest in the World), “Alžbetin dvor” (Elizabeth’s Court), “Neďaleko do neba” (Close to Heaven) and many more is a treasure of Slovak film music. 

The music of these great composers will be performed in the Great Concert Studio of the Slovak Radio by the Symphonic Orchestra.  

Following artists will also perform and present their music:     

Oliver Nosaczynski Bohovič (SK) - a 24-year old Slovak and a 2-time finalist of a prestigious UK Songwriting Contest.  

Hana Huljič (HR) – a singer and a musician, the offspring of the most famous musical couple of Croatia.  

Zuzana Michlerová (CZ) – a composer and a singer. 

Anna Inozemceva (RU) – a guitarist with a wide repertoire ranging from baroque to avant-garde. She will also perform her own pieces during the festival.  

Gabriele D'Alonzo (IT) – a composer and a pianist.  

Oli Jogvansson (FO) - a self-taught composer. His clients include Walt Disney Records, Sony Music or Universal Music Group.  

Stevie Lawrence & Fiona Cuthill (GB) - a Scoottish guitar/fiddle duo that will bring more variety to the programme of our festival. 


Let’s fully embrace mutual meetings of composers, directors and viewers.